Benefits of Saffron Azafran offers a lot of advantages which may convince any skeptic. Not only do they give us the best variety of saffron but they give it to us at an unbeatable price. With our Saffron being in the coupe class with a value of at least 230 crocin, it exceeds the famous Spanish saffron. Food manufacturers, pharmacies and retailers all depend upon Azafran to deliver their saffron demands. And because Azafran has a good reputation, our customers know that they can trust us as suppliers.

The company looks up to the principle of the Tea Campaign by Prof. Günter Faltin. Because of this, it can be said that we are true experts in the field of saffron spices. Hence, saffron is our specialty. We know all the things there is to know about saffron like the right place for it to grow, how to identify real saffron from the artificial and howto identify the best quality saffron threads. After long and intensive research procedures, we have wholeheartedly agreed that negin saffron is indeed the best quality saffron. To say the least, our confidence in the product is unshakeable.

We can offer high-quality saffron threads at reasonable prices. If you are asking why, this is because we send the saffron by bulk pakaging. By ordering large quantities, you will be able to get larger discounts. This is because the large packaging helps us both reduce costs. We like to distinguish ourselves clearly from the other merchants by emphasizing our reliance on large packages to save costs. Azafran surely belongs to a new generation of companies.